New CONTROVERSIAL Parenting Style: Snowplow Parenting

Beware snowplow parents parenting

Snowplow parenting is the “new controversial” parenting style. Immediate question: “Are you a snowplow parent?” Let’s discover what it is. Similar to “tiger” or “helicopter” parenting, snowplow parenting is a form of overprotective and micro-management parenting style that aim at producing “superior children”. But snow parent have a differently vision: …

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(video) CHILD ABDUCTION (it can be your child)


Are you kids safe? Why asks the question? Because about 700 children are abducted every day, that’s almost 250 000 per year! Joey went out to show some moms that he can convince their child  to follow him (a total stranger) in front of her and in front of everybody! Yes, …

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